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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Employment Law Questions and Answers

Here you can find answers to some of the most common frequently asked questions and answers from an experienced employment law solicitor, Stephen Pinder. Please feel free to view our other FAQ's pages, if you have a question regarding , "Discrimination""Redundancy" or "Unfair Dismissal"

The basis of all employment relationships is the contract, and if you are uncertain about your terms and conditions you should take advice.

There are several different types of work relationships, including self-employed, office holders, workers and employees. The most rights arise for employees, whilst some rights extend to other workers, for example whistle blowing protection.

There have been many legal decisions in relation to the issue of employment status, including for the so-called gig economy. The question as to what your status is will depend upon factors personal to your work situation.

If you are uncertain about your status and your rights you should take advice.

We do act for both employees and employers, and have extensive experience of dealing with cases which may be relevant to all clients involved in workplace disputes. This includes devising and implementing strategies, running cases, and dealing with advocacy at a Tribunal hearing.

We have experience of negotiating settlement agreements, for employers and employees. We have also dealt with other forms of agreement including ACAS COT3 agreements, commonly used to settle Employment Tribunal cases.

In almost every case the fee for advice about a settlement agreement is payable by an employer.

We never charge more than the sum paid by an employer in relation to a settlement agreement.

Stephen Pinder has extensive experience of representing clients at Tribunal hearings, dealing with all case types, including unfair dismissal, disability discrimination, and maternity discrimination claims. He undertakes all Tribunal advocacy for clients.

All opening discussions about claims are undertaken free of charge. Your basic rights will be explored and you will be advised about the best option available to pursue and fund your case.

Our advice to employers is undertaken by reference to the work to be done and at an agreed rate. Stephen Pinder has provided HR advice and representation to some employer clients for about 20 years.


Every client has a review of the best option to fund legal assistance, and that will include for relevant cases using a no win no fee arrangement.

Please see our specific sections dealing with different case types including settlement agreements, and the separate FAQ list for each case area unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination.


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