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About Us

Here at Stephen Pinder we specialise in Employment Law.  We will provide a professional personal legal service, tailored to you and your circumstances.

Stephen Pinder Employment Law is exactly what is suggests, a specialist employment company run by solicitor Stephen Pinder, a lawyer with over 30 years of employment law experience. Stephen Pinder has been involved in many important reported cases, including in relation to redundancy situations and the law relating to consultation.

Stephen Pinder has acted for trade unions and their members, and for many individual clients, pursuing cases to enforce all employment rights, with a strong reputation in discrimination, including maternity and pregnancy related work.

Stephen Pinder is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association, and The Liverpool Law Society.

Our approach ensures that all available claims are commenced and that your employment rights are protected. If your case needs an application to the Employment Tribunal Stephen Pinder has a reputation as a thorough and determined advocate. Stephen Pinder has undertaken many sensitive negotiations for clients and advises regularly on settlement agreements.

Stephen Pinder has also worked with businesses to ensure that workplace situations are managed effectively, providing day to day HR and other practical advice and when necessary representation.

Stephen Pinder has been a lecturer on employment law, including for ACAS, and for several years also worked as a part-time Employment Judge in the Employment Tribunal.

Stephen was the head of department in 2013 and 2017 when EAD Solicitors received the award from Liverpool Law Society for Employment Law Firm Of The Year, an award reflecting recognition for the work done for our clients across the whole of the local legal profession.

I have always acted for clients right across the UK, not simply in the Liverpool area, and much of my work can be done for clients using virtual means, for example advice on a settlement agreement. It is difficult to engage a professional adviser such as a solicitor on a remote basis but my experience is that effective representation can be provided from a work location for a client, who may be unable to meet face to face. I continue to be instructed during these unusual and difficult times by clients involved in employment disputes from across the UK. Just because justice is subject to some delay does not mean that you should delay in seeking advice, and an imaginative approach might still provide access to justice and a resolution of your employment issue.

We will always work with you to manage your employment law concerns and to achieve the best outcome in a practical and cost-effective way, including by offering representation on a no-win no-fee basis. You can rely on Stephen Pinder Employment Law Limited, contact us.

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